The “O” Word

How to talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without alienating others or yourself. 


Ages 16 upwards | 90 minutes interactive lecture


When talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, do we always understand the 3 different uses of the word “Occupation”?

The workshop aims to describe the situation, not to fix it: to understand the sides, not to take one. 

The 4 Key Questions that answer everything about Israel!  

Adaptable for ages 11-111 | Participatory workshop for educators or learners 

How do we get a hold of Israel’s complexities in a simple way without oversimplifying everything? The answer can be found in four questions! An exploration of the world-renowned Four Hatikvah Questions (4HQ) that now inform Israel educators, engagers, and even advocates across the world. 

For more about 4hq

The Israeli Election system is Simple! 

Ages 16 upwards | Interactive presentation


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – the elections are easy to understand! Or at least they are after this presentation. Robbie Gringras sets out the logic of the Israeli electoral system, with comparisons to the American system, easy diagrams, and simple constructs. 


Elections in Israel come round far more often than you’d expect – always good to be ready for the next one!  

Everything you need to know about Israel through the songs of Ehud Banai*   

Ages 16 upwards | Participatory workshop for educators or learners 


From politics to spirituality, from Talmud to Ethiopians, from Diaspora to Bible… This workshop digs into the Israel we discover through Ehud Banai's songs, and point to how to explore this alternative approach to “Israel Engagement”.   


* - The same structure can be run with HaDag Nachash, Kobi Oz, Eti Ankri. 

The “Mizrachi thing” in popular Israeli culture and more 

Ages 16 upwards | Interactive presentation 


Why and how do Mizrachi novelists, poets, musicians, and TV shows celebrate, mourn, and rage about the Mizrachi experience in Israel? This hard-hitting and inspiring workshop introduces learners to a range of brilliant artists telling their challenging stories in the most engaging ways possible. Includes tastes of Shemi Zarchin, Adi Kessar, Teapacks, R. Haim Louk, Zaguri Empire, and more. 


All songs and TV clips screened with sub-titled translations.

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