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Israel-Related Shows

Robbie Gringras is an actor, performer, and playwright. His original plays delve into the challenging complexities of Israel in the modern world with charm, physicality, humor and honesty. His shows are moving and informative, engaging and emotional.

Israel Related Shows

A brand new show created in response to the war between Israel and Hamas. Robbie Gringras and top Israeli musician Adam Mader (usually seen performing with superband Teapacks) perform Israeli songs whose meaning has changed forever in the wake of the war, tell stories that are now cast in a different light, and share anecdotes, observations and interpretations of a country in pain. Touching on trust, chutzpah, rage, togetherness, and humor, this elegaic evening invites the audience to sit with the sadness and look towards the light. 


Being open and closed?

A yellow iron gate stands between a small kibbutz and a neighboring Arab village. Should it always be closed? Always open?

What does a small story about a gate tell us about our world today? How can we remain open? When must we close up?  

Do good fences make good neighbors or distant enemies? 

the gate

A tragic comedy about a suicide bomber 

"It all begins with Mohammed. Not the Prophet. The baker. Mohammed the baker..."

How does a baker become a terrorist? How can a father lose a daughter? And how could any of this be funny?


Both hilarious and horrific, About The Oranges was inspired by several true events that took place in Israel and the West Bank during the Second Intifada. 

about the oranges

A celebration of the complexities of life in Israel

Performed together with top Israeli musician, Adam Mader, That's Why I'm (Still) Here is a thoughtful yet joyful gathering of personal stories, Israeli contemporary songs, and stunning photography, that together celebrate the complex, troubling, and life-affirming love of Israel, the morning after.

adam mader and robbie gringras

Folk tales and midrashim about giving and receiving!

They  perform eight stories in an evening, all of them called The Gift. Delving into the idea of giving and generosity, these ancient midrashim and Jewish folk tales are guaranteed to set the heart a-fluttering, the soul a-souring, and the lips a-laughing!

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