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The Gift

performed by Robbie Gringras and Adam Mader  

All they require is a bare stage, a chair for the musician, and an audience: the stories do the rest.


One acrobatic storyteller and one multi-instrumented musician set audiences glowing through an inimitable combination of live music, words, and physicality. 


They  perform eight stories in an evening, all of them called The Gift. Delving into the idea of giving and generosity, these ancient midrashim and Jewish folk tales are guaranteed to set the heart a-fluttering, the soul a-souring, and the lips a-laughing! 

What the press said:

  • "Virtuoso performance of physical story theatre… emanates an atmosphere of humor and warmth" (Jerusalem Post)

  • "With his passionate, inspired storytelling, he brings the great Chassidic tradition to life more vividly than anyone I've seen since the late Shlomo Carlebach" (Jewish Chronicle)

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