Tent or Tank

"I am arguing for a communal “tent” rather than a communal “tank”. In a tank we can be safe, but life is pretty cramped... A tent gives us room to talk freely among ourselves, allows space to have fun occasionally(!) and can empower us to engage more confidently with those not inside the tent."

One of my rare ventures into the world of (alternative) Israel advocacy!
Click here for the Jerusalem Post op-ed.

Educating with Art without ruining it

As published in the International Handbook for Jewish Education.

This full article explores the uses and abuses of art for education's sake.

The pdf can be obtained here.

4HQ - The Four Hatikvah Questions

4HQ is a system of Israel education that builds from the assertion: Israel is the ongoing attempt to implement the best answers to the Four Hatikvah Questions – To Be | a People | Free | In Our Land? I was the driver of this approach while working with Makom, and have written much of its accompanying materials, as well as training hundreds of educators in the approach. Click here to reach much of my writing on the topic.

Fiction: Millie makes a meal of it

One day Millie felt just too angry. She felt angry with God. It was no one else’s fault. Health and life were God’s gift, and His ways were mysterious indeed, but that was no excuse. And so Millie decided to punish Him. It was about time He learned that He couldn’t keep Pushing People Around... For the full short story as published in the Jewish Quarterly, click here.

The 8th Jewish Child

[The theatrical "response" to Carol Churchill's Seven Jewish Children. First presented at TheaterJ in Washington DC]

Tell her that Israel is in our veins, like oxygen, like a virus, like an antibody.
Tell her that Zionism isn’t a dirty word like racism. Zionism is a complicated word with good intentions and ambiguous results, like idealism. Click here for the full text.

Hugging and Wrestling

A long long time ago, I started using this image, and a long time ago I wrote an article about it. Since then the phrase has been used, abused, mocked and adopted! This is the first iteration of the paradigm from 2004. "We are now in need of new ways of understanding the relationship between Israel and the Diaspora. Hugging is not enough. We need to shift from hugging to 'wrestling'..." For the full text of the original article, click here.

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