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Robbie Gringras

“Hugging and Wrestling with Israel”

About Robbie

He was born and bred in the Jewish community of Britain, but has been living and creating in Israel since 1996, primarily with Jewish Americans. As such his work – educational and theatrical – bridges the Israel-Diaspora connection with empathy and insight.   

He lives in the secular world, while his knowledge base and research specialties – especially after his many years studying in Jerusalem – are deeply religious.  

israel lectures

​While Creative Director of Makom, the Israel Education Lab of the Jewish Agency, he coined the phrase:

 “Hugging and Wrestling with Israel”, drove the 4HQ System of Israel Education, and wrote for and ran the Makom website.  

As a world-renowned solo theatre performer, he is also an inspirational speaker, and a charismatic teacher.  

As a prolific playwright, he is also a challenging and original educator.  

As an experienced and committed Jewish Zionist educator, his theater creations are educational treasure chests. 

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