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Robbie Gringras

Educator | Performer | Writer

רובי גרינגרס

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"one of the most creative individuals I've been privileged to work with" 

Alisa Rubin Kurshan, Former Executive VP, UJA-Federation of NY

Robbie in action

Robbie in action

About Robbie

Robbie Gringras is a British-born Israeli living in the Galilee, working in education, performance, and writing.  

Since emigrating to Israel with a Literature degree from Oxford University, a teaching qualification, and his own theater company, he has trained hundreds of educators in generating honest complex connections to Israel.  

He is also a successful international theatre artist, whose original plays have performed globally and on the West End  

Robbie Gringras


"Robbie Gringras is a master educator: deep, creative and provocative. He uses both the stage and the classroom to get people to think more broadly, to challenge their assumptions and to care about what matters most to the Jewish community and beyond."

Dr. Erica Brown
Writer, and Director of the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership
The George Washington University

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